Heat Treat Technical Specialist Certificate - (HTTS)

Over the years, the Metal Treating Institute has seen an increase in demand by engineers for its heat treat training courses on the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters. This training fills a huge gap for engineers who never had any formal heat treating training. This special packaged program includes 16 hours of training over 8 modules in the following topic area:

  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Metallurgical Theory
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Equipment
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Materials
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Processes
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Inspection, Testing & Inspection
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Atmospheres
  • Furnace Evaluation
  • Heat Treat Troubleshooting
  • Hardness Testing

The MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters is the industry’s top technical training site being used by top manufacturers including Boeing, FedEx, Eaton Corporation as well as many of the top commercial heat treaters across the world.

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