Heat Treat Specialist Certificate - (HTS)

The Heat Treat Specialist is MTI's most diverse and extensive technical training certificate.  This training satisfies the requirements for ARP 1962 as well as many other training requirements by ISO9000, AS9100 and CQI-9.  It is a certificate anyone wanting to maximize their knowledge of heat treating or is in live for management at any level should take.

This certificate includes training in the following topic areas:

  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Metallurgical Theory
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Equipment
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Materials
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Processes
  • ABC’s of Heat Treating – Inspection, Testing & Inspection
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Atmospheres
  • Furnace Evaluation
  • Heat Treat Troubleshooting
  • Hardness Testing
  • Principles of Operating a Heat Treat Plant
  • Contract Review
  • Audit Compliance 101
  • Pyrometry & 2750
  • Blueprintes 101
  • Machining and Annealing
  • Process and Atmosphere Controls
  • Surface Treatments:  Nitriding
  • Surface Treatments:  Carbon Nitriding
  • Surface Treatments:  Plasma and Low Pressure Carburizing
  • Surface Treatments:  Carburizing
  • Surface Treatments:  Nitrocarburizing
  • Surface Treatments:  Flame Hardening & Laser
  • Martensite 101
  • Aluminum 101
  • Took Steels
  • Keys to Aerospace Heat Treating
  • Induction 101
  • Vacuum 101
  • Brazing 101
  • Quenchants

The MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters is the industry’s top technical training site being used by top manufacturers including Boeing, FedEx, Eaton Corporation as well as many of the top commercial heat treaters across the world.

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For more information, contact MTI's training department at training@heattreat.net.