MTI P.E.A.K. Performance Program

Introduction, Instruction and Syllabus For Enrolling and Executing P.E.A.K. Program

The Metal Treating Institute  (MTI) welcomes you to the P.E.A.K. Performance Certificates Program (PEAK).  The PEAK program will help you enhance your Performance, Education, Advancement and Knowledge.  During the PEAK program, you will experience 26-modules that will teach you everything you need to know to excel in your heat treating position on a daily basis.  Within the various modules you will engage in reading material as handouts, video lessons and a test for each module.  Along the way you will also participate in 12-Knowledge Application Exercises (KAE).  These are off-line exercises for you to execute and to be graded by your Program Sponsor.  To take this course, you must have a Program Sponsor with a "learner account" in the MTI Academy.

IMPORTANT:  CLICK HERE to download the full instruction guide and syllabus for this program.  It gives you instructions for enrolling, how to set up a learner account for you and Program Sponsor if you don't have one and provides a full listing of course order.  You cannot execute and pass the PEAK Program without fully reading this document with your Program Sponsor.  

We hope you enjoy your journey in the PEAK Performance Program.  Good Luck!